If I Were a Man

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  • Published : February 13, 2006
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Through His Eyes
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "If I Were A Man" is the story of Mollie Mathewson, physically and emotionally a true woman in all aspects. She is a good wife and a wonderful mother. Still, she strongly feels that she would rather be a man, whenever Gerald and her are getting in arguments. Suddenly she finds herself as her husband. His feelings and thoughts are obvious to her; she realizes how different her reality is from his. Mollie is thinking through Gerald's brain and looks at the issue of their little morning fight from his point of view. Gerald's ride in the morning train to work becomes very interesting for Mollie. She is present through his body and mind. One man remarks how women don't know limits and how they keep requesting new, better things, all of it just for showing off. In return, the man on the train says women don't want to go to work and earn the money. Gerald feels offended by this statement but doesn't know why. It's because Mollie influences his thinking without his knowledge. He reminds the man that women actually just do men a favor, as they would feel embarrassed if their wives were to go to work. As the day goes on, Gerald is still surprised about his new views, and Mollie gets a very close insight on her husbands mind.

Gilman's story shows that the effort to understand other peoples' minds pays. Mollie is a good example. She learns and understands her husband so much better as she sees the world through his eyes.
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