If I Should Die Before I Wake Essay

Topics: Judaism, Jews, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: September 30, 2012
On the cover of If I Should Die Before I Wake I put Hilary in her hospital bed reliving some of the events in Chana’s life. There are images of children being questioned by Nazi’s, families being taken to the ghetto or concentration camps and people behind fences. Beneath the title there is also a heart rate which represents Hilary’s cardiac monitor while she’s in the hospital.

My favorite character in the book is Anya. Anya is one of Chana’s younger sisters. I like Anya because despite her young age she stays calm and positive about her family being threatened by the Nazi’s. As Anya gets older she tries to help her family in any and every way she can.

One of Anya’s struggles would be trying to understand why this is happening to her family and the rest of the Jewish community. She doesn’t see why people would have this kind of hatred on innocent people. Another one of Anya’s struggles would be when her family is deciding who to send to the concentration camps. The Nazi’s are asking for all children and elderly to be sent away. Anya is brave and sticks with her family’s decision of her and her mother being sent to the camps.

Anya stands out from the other characters because, even though she’s not in the whole book she still affects the decisions Chana makes in the rest of the story. Also, when Anya’s family is in need she went through the garbage with some of the other struggling Jews in the ghetto to find coal or sometimes even gold. With these items she would sell them to people to get money, food or clothing for her family. Flaws that Anya has would be not understanding the war which frustrates Chana because the war killed their own father. But even as a child, Anya was one of the strongest characters in the book.

I think If I Should Die Before I Wake is a good read for anyone. I liked this novel because I thought it was interesting how the author had Hilary see the past life of Chana as if she was dreaming. It...
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