If You Really Knew Me

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My Autobiography
I'm Not Perfect. I Have Flaws Like everybody else does. I live my life for myself not for your ignorant teenage games. Music is my therapy. I tend to question things in my life a bit too much. I’m absolutely clueless toward what the future holds and I hope to keep it that way I’m extremely sensitive. I'm a hypocrite. What can I say people love to talk about me, bad or good. I'm known from being hated and loved. I'm nice, and I'm a bitch. I'm respectful, and I'm rude. I am blunt, I am loyal. I'm not shy. I do whatever I god damn please. I can take care of myself. I know what’s good for me. I know how to have a good time. I'll keep you laughing. I have a personality. I tell it like it is and I know how to get what I want. I’m very silly I goof around a lot but there is a serious side of me, I’m not just fun and games. I’m a talker, I love it, but I’m also a listener .I'll listen to your problems, and try to help you through them. I'll listen to your thoughts on life and discuss with you how amazing I think your theory is. I'll tell you how I feel if something's wrong if I find it's needed. I give good advice because chances are I’ve been through what you are going through. I know that that makes me sound dumb because I’m so young but I’ve been through to much already at only the age of seventeen. I’m not lady like at all. My mood changes a lot which not many people like, all I can say is get over it. I’m impulsive. If I see something and I want it I eventually get it, don’t confuse me with a spoiled bitch because I work hard for what I want and do deserve the occasional treat. I’m impatient and people don’t like that either. you will learn to deal. I’m pretty crazy and so is my family, good ways and bad, so if your pretty close in my life you better get used to the chaos .I’m really dorky, I get hyper and do wacky things to embarrass you. I am a very jealous person. My life is pretty interesting and full of nonsense. and things you wouldn’t understand. I’m very emotional, I cry. I’m not weak, I am a strong person. I just get a little lost with who I am sometimes. I love long relationships and I tend to screw them up, but I try really hard not to. I just get stuck at the wrong place at the wrong time .I act like I don’t care about some things but I really do. Everybody makes mistakes we are only human but I don’t regret anything I have done that you would consider mistakes they are learning experiences and it only makes my heart and mind stronger ,don’t try to change me it wont work, I change for no one .I am me, I change for myself. I make loads of dumb decisions. I'm usually hard to understand and that's mainly because I can never explain myself. I am very open minded. I always have too many options. I don't like making decisions on my own, or at all. the past few years, I have learned a lot about myself. many things have happened that taught me how to let go and grow up. I am content with who I am and I don't plan on letting anyone ruin that. you'll never figure me out, I promise. I’m a nice girl. A stubborn girl. An opinionated girl. I love life but I don’t understand it. My out look on things is always different from the rest, but I know how to respect others views. My struggles in life have formed me into the person I am today. I believe in many things, My heart is as big as an ocean, but I wont let many people swim in it. I have secrets just like everyone else, but mine are unlike others. Every person I have met, has known me in a different stage of my life. So trying to understand me will be the biggest failure you will come across. There’s many things I don’t care for. My arrogance might come off as selfish, but that’s all I know. My kind soul has been taken advantage of by many, but only once, because I know very well I need to forget those who have wronged me. I live on my terms, sometimes I’m persuaded by others, but never controlled by anyone. My only weakness is myself. I know that complaining...
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