If the Shoe Doesn't Fit, Go Barefoot

Topics: Jane Austen, Gothic fiction, Northanger Abbey Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: February 7, 2013
"You mirror what the world mirrors to you," says Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez. Likewise, celebrities currently represent a shoe which many people try to fit into. Unfortunately, many find that no matter how hard they squeeze their foot into the shoe, it won't fit. Society is constantly telling us how we should look and act so that we may attain an idealistic image. In the Victorian Era we see the beginnings of this idea manifesting itself particularly with women, and continuing in today's picture of perfection. Failure to fit into the shoe has been detrimental to Christians and Non-Christians alike, resulting in a gap between expectations and reality leaving people to form a new shoe to fit into, discontentment with their image, and a skewed perspective of what relationships should be like.

Dracula, a Gothic horror novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897, presents a clear depiction of how fatal it can be if society continues idealizing women. He writes about the idealistic woman, Lucy Westrena; a pure virgin woman that just submits to the males far more educated than her. She literally dies from her lack of knowledge about Dracula. On the contrary, he also writes about Mina Harker who represents the new woman arising in the Victorian Era and this woman is not just an accessory for males, but an educated woman who will end up bettering society. In society today woman are faced with a similar predicament. Society has formed a high class heel that many women struggle to walk around in, and as a result women want to step out of the shoe and say they look just as beautiful in their own. For example, a woman might not fit into size zero pants or she doesn't have the latest pair of UGGs, so she she makes a statement that she might be a little over weight and have cheaper shoes, but she is satisfied and better off like that. What's extremely ironic is that the same people we are supposed to look like tell us we are perfect "Just the Way You Are," as popular musician...
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