If Necessity Is the Mother of Invention Then Curiosity Is the Father

Topics: Invention, Creativity, Patent Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: October 20, 2012
If necessity is the mother of invention then curiosity is its father - Rupal Bhadu. Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention and rightly so because had it not been for necessity we would still be living in the stone ages. Man learnt to hunt, cook, make houses, etc. All this was done to fulfill his basic needs. Necessity gives birth to inventions. We tend to invent something because we need it. Even today necessity has us strapping on our thinking caps and inventing new things to make life easier. Well everyone says that necessity is the mother but what about the father of invention. People have different believes as far as the father of invention is concerned. Some say it is boredom, some say its greed, some creativity, according to some its diligence and some like me believe its curiosity. Curiosity is the natural inquisitive behavior that leads to investigation, exploration and learning which in turn are the first steps towards an invention. If Newton had not been curious as to why the apple fell on his head we would not know what gravity is. If people were not curious as to what is beyond are world we would not invent spaceships and go into space. Well we all know about the Wright brothers, they wanted to fly, they were curious as to how would the world look from high above. When they told people about their dream to fly everyone thought that they were mad. Had it not been for there this curiosity we would not have airplanes today. Many new things were invented because some great people had this curiosity relating to certain things and tried their best to satiate their curiosity. People , today, are curious as to the workings of the world around them and in order to satiate this curiosity they tend invent new things which can help them to discover and solve the complexities related to the intricate workings of the universe. It is curiosity that has the power to generate truth, widen the...
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