Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Transport, North America Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Curiosity; the desire to know or learn something, create; to bring into existence, these are the definitions of the terms curiosity and create. Curiosity has revealed itself in many ways; Benjamin Franklin with the Kite to prove lightning consisted of electricity. When Columbus discovering the North American continent. Most of the discoveries made were because of the curiosity of man. With that curiosity we tend to develop creation, like the creation of light, automobiles, and most of the medicines. However while creating positive materials with our curiosity; we also have made some designs that would hurt ourselves. I would like to discuss how curiosity and creation has both helped mankind and hurt it at the same time.

If we were to compare and contrast ourselves now to the Stone Age it would be an exemplary example of where our curiosity and creation has led us over the past several thousand years. What ideas did we not have during the Stone Age that we have today? Well for one the thought of transportation, we went from walking to being able to use not drive at 50mph, but being able to fly at about 2000mps. Leonardo Da Vinci was curious about how man would be able to fly across the skies, thus his notes led to the Wright brothers and their experiments which gave us the first “airplane”. Now we are able to fly globally, and even on an hourly basis. The curiosity of Rockets was thought about originally by the Chinese in the early 1500’s, it is their curiosity that has led us to be able to go into outer space. We have created Rockets that can go for millions of light years away, and take us back and forth from the moon.

Using these very examples of how our curiosity and creation has benefited mankind, here are the ways that same curiosity has hurt mankind. Our ability to transport ourselves in large scale manners has allowed increased terrorist to invade countries. Transportation of drugs and weapons is now in the hands of everyone. Rockets are not...
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