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Sustainability and competitive advantage in retail business through e-commerce

Background to the Research3
Purpose of the Research3
Problem definition4
Research Questions4
Research SMART Objectives4
Literature Review5
Research Design and Methodology5
Research Hypotheses6
Population and Sample7
Data Collection7
Data Processing and Analysis7
Time plan8
The Report Structure9
Research Methodology9
Results and Discussion9
Data Analysis10

Background to the Research

Bonobos is one of the e retailer focused on Men’s fashion which has recently adopted a full scale ecommerce application as an aggressive Information system strategy to achieve a competitive advantage. Its suite of ecommerce application consists of SAP Netweaver solution which has a full integration capability with suppliers. In today’s world with the revolutionizing capacity to share information across different entities through internet has made e-commerce as one of the most important aspects of achieving sustainability and competitive advantage. The process of buying, selling, exchanging, transferring services, products and information through internet and network has been defines as e-commerce by (Turban et al, 2004). The way business is conducted has been profoundly changed by e-commerce (Barua et al., 2001). E commerce has forced organizations to move in to new market places which would not have been possible to reach before, speed up the new products to the market, reengineer and innovate business processes which will deliver superior quality products at minimal cost. (Chan and Davis, 2000; Shin 2001). However, the recurring question has been whether it adds significant value to the business in value creation and gives a competitive advantage. As investments in e-commerce has been significant, the return it gives in terms of innovation/value and financial sustainability is very important in a business point of view. Following are also one of the significant aspects which created the need of analyzing importance of e-commerce.

* Current period can be considered as an age of internet (Applegate et al., 1996) and more towards IT focused as per (Bőgel, 2009) * E commerce is one of the latest trends in achieving competitive edge as per most IT literature (Baskerville - Myers, 2009). In addition to that, the ability to access large amount of data has been one of the significant factors to observe the successfulness and impact of moving in to e commerce. * There still a question remains that whether e commerce is a source of sustainability of the business and gives competitive advantage. Also the controversy over who will be more benefited from e commerce migration; is it small companies or large companies.

Purpose of the Research

The purpose of the research is to identify whether adopting e-commerce strategy lead to operational efficiencies and competitive advantage of an online Men’s apparel retail business called Bonobos. Organizational performance and competitiveness of Bonobos need to be evaluated after adopting an ecommerce strategy. (Turban et al., 2000; Rayport and Jaworski, 2001) have identified that many benefits can be obtained in adopting a ecommerce strategy for an organization. These include global accessibility of the market, rapid scalability, interactivity and interoperability. Other than that, improved customer experience, reduces distribution and marketing cost, better inventory and working capital management, reduced lead times can be highlighted. (Nath et al., 1998; Riggins and Rhee, 1998; Senn, 2000)

Problem definition
The problem is to identify whether adoption of e commerce at Bonobos has been realized in organizational performance which will lead to sustainability of the business and competitive advantage. Organization...
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