Idiot Nation

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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In this particular story, Michael Moore claims that the United States school system is so corrupt meaning that children are not getting the proper education that is needed. That the politicians and people of power are placing blame on the teachers and not themselves for how the school systems are being ran. In the beginning he uses what I like to call as a harsh diction of wording about the U.S. education system and then proceeds to use emotional strategy to get the reader to feel sorry for the American child who has to go through this awful school system not learning what is needed but just being pushed along in the system. I found this story quite humorous at times, but I think he could have refrained from the name calling to be able to get his point across. Later, as the story continues, his tone changes to a more relaxed demeanor stating statistics that back up his findings. I find this story effective because to me he brings up a lot of valid reasons to why Americans school system is failing our children, he states that the Congressman don’t want to take responsibility and place the blame on teachers when asked questions themselves about education could not answer correctly but they graduated from top universities with prestigious degree’s and not being able to answer high school level questions. Mr. Moore continues to give examples to why so I think the claim was effective.
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