Ideology Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay
What is ideology? Ideology is a set of basic beliefs about life, culture, government, and society. In conservative ideology believes that the role of the governments should be limited- private organizations and individuals should solve social problems and oppose restrictions on business. They also believe the government should be involved in supporting traditional moral values. Liberal ideology believes the national government should be active in promoting health, education, justice, and equal opportunity. In social matters, they believe the government should not restrict individual freedom.

Republicans have democrats have very different views on housing crisis. Democrats feel that the foreclosure program should be quick and effective so that risk homeowners can get help and hopefully stay in their homes. On the other hand, republicans feel that there should be a timely and carefully targeted aim. This way the affected individuals have time to trade mortgages for loans. Democrats say that troubled borrowers should have more affordable government- insured loans. The Republicans are strongly against encouraging anyone to borrow more money than they can repay.

Another important issue is retirement. Democrats say that workers should automatically get enrolled in a workplace pension plan that can be carried from job to job. This matches savings for low-income work families. However, republicans say that there should be no changes in the system that affect any current or near-retiree. Republicans also think that we should all have the opportunity to freely choose our own accounts that are distinct from the overall Security system. Democrats think that those who make more than $250,000 should pay a little bit more in payroll taxes for Social Security.

Wiretapping is also a very important issue. Democrats support the protections and judicial oversight on surveillance programs involving Americans. They state that they reject illegal...
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