The Election-a Presidential Candidate Study

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Gray Bagnal
Honors Civics and Economics

The Election- A Presidential Candidate Study
1. The major differences between the Democratic and Republican parties have to do with the role of government in citizens’ lives, the role of the United States in world affairs, Interpretation of The Constitution, states’ rights. Dems believe that the government should have a large amount of control over peoples’ lives while republicans believe there should be less. Dems have a loose interpretation of The Constitution while republicans have a stricter one. While the two parties differ in many ways, they share one common desire: bipartisanship. 2. Mitt Romney is qualified to be a presidential candidate because he has political experience, has worked in business, and knows how to balance a budget. Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007 where he succeeded in working across party lines to fix the state’s healthcare system. Before becoming governor, Romney was the cofounder and CEO of the corporation Bain Capital from 1984-2002 which gives him experience in business. Before leaving Bain, Romney helped the 2002 Olympic Games committee balance their budget. 3. Barrack Obama is qualified to be president because he is the incumbent; he served as a senator for Illinois, and has experience in law. He has also received the Nobel Peace Prize and written two memoirs. Additionally he was a community planner and a lawyer before becoming involved in politics. Obama may be one of the least experiences presidents to ever hold office. 4. The two presidential candidates have two distinct viewpoints on many different issues including the economy, healthcare, how to fix the deficit and debt, and how to handle immigration. Romney believes that the economy should be fixed through his five point plan; he believes that healthcare should be determined by the states and not the federal government, and he believes in self-deportation to handle illegal immigration....
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