Ict in in the Early Years

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ICT in Early Years

This report will include two educational ICT activities; the first activity will be based on a group of children. Then a second ICT activity will be based on an individual child. The ICT activities will be aimed at children in their early years, with the intention of developing the wider area of the Early Years Foundation curriculum. The report will evaluate and assess teaching and learning when using ICT. Including the health and safety issues relating to ICT and data protection. Critical evaluation of the value of ICT in the early years will also be included in this report. Activity One

Aims: The aim of this activity is to explore shapes and colours, using a simple paint program on the computer and drawing a picture of a clown. Then after this is completed, the shapes and colours will be discussed by the children. The areas of learning will include Communication, language and literacy, Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and Creative Development. Objectives: The purpose of this activity is for the children to explore and experiment using tools on the computer that include paint brushes, shapes and then flood filling their designs. The children will also be encouraged by an adult to think about making patterns, along with supporting the children to click and drag the shapes to make them large or small. Children will also be encouraged to select different tools to fill the shapes and patterns that they have decided to include. Health & Safety: The computers in the classroom were adjusted to the correct height for each child by lowering or raising the child’s individual seat. It is important for a child not to sit for long periods at a computer as physical problems can occur. The children were given approximately thirty minutes to carry out this activity. According to Charlesworth (2011) there has been some difference of opinions regarding how much time a child should spend on a computer. However a thirty minutes block appears to be the recommended time frame. Teachers, practitioners and children must be educated and become increasingly aware of how ICT can and computers must be used safely. Schools and nurseries are responsible for ensuring that their staff are also competent in fulfilling their safeguarding roles to protect the children in their care. In this case there were ten children and two adults involved in this activity. There was plenty of space for each child and each child had access to a computer. The internet was not used for this activity however if it had of been included, safeguarding the children whilst on line is always required; this is achieved by blocking certain types of websites that have unsuitable images and text. Baginsky (2008) states, children have become very vulnerable whilst using computers and the internet. The reasons for this include bullying online or adults pretending to be an acquaintance of the child, however in reality they may have sexual intentions towards the child instead. Planning & Preparation: The activity was held in the ICT suite and each child was given an individual chair and computer. The children were asked to turn the computers on and were helped by the adults to log on. The children were then asked to face the front and observe the practitioner demonstrating on a large computer screen at the front of the classroom, on how to select tools in a simple paint programme. The practitioner selected different shapes including circle, rectangle, square and triangle. Then the children were also shown how to click, drag, fill, colour and choose the size, small or large. After the demonstration the children were asked if they had any questions and were told to raise their hands if they had any difficulties during the activity. The two adults that were running the ICT activity were both present with the ten children. They were very supportive and were on hand for the children to ask more questions. They gave individual help on how to select different tools...
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