Examining Some Common Myths About Computer Use in the Early Years

Topics: Computer, Computer software, Education Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Examining Some Common Myths About Computer Use in the Early Years The Information Age has simultaneously ushered in feelings of excitement and trepidation for the teacher in the school classroom. While the computer is a symbol of powerful and limitless possibilities, teachers have the daunting task of figuring out how to use the computer successfully, how to utilize computers properly into a particular lesson at hand and how to plan around any presupposed computer glitches that may arise in front of the students. When those students are of preschool or elementary age, teachers must weigh other concerns when it comes to “Using Technology As A Teaching and Learning Tool” which happens to be the title of this informative article by Drs. Linda A. Tsantis, Cynthia J. Bewick and Suzanne Thouvenelle. The article, subtitled “Examining Some Common Myths About Computer Use in the Early Years”, addresses seven myths and misconceptions to assuage the fears teachers may harbor against technology use and encourage teachers to use computers effectively in order to enhance the learning experience for the child. The authors, who have each garnered considerable experience researching, developing, writing and teaching about technology in prestigious universities and corporations, debunk seven of the most common myths which have attracted the most attention from classroom teachers throughout the article. They are as follows: 1.Computers are easy to use.

2.I might do something to break the computer.
3.It’s okay if children know more about computers than teachers do. 4.Computers can provide solutions to any problem encountered in education. 5.All software designated for young children is age appropriate and of high quality. 6.Computers don’t foster prosocial interaction, and will overshadow the use of other classroom materials. 7.As long as children are having fun using the computer, that is sufficient reason for use by three and four-year olds. (2)

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