Ice Hockey and Highly Effective Tool

Topics: National Hockey League, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: February 28, 2013
All die-hard hockey fans have their own opinion on if fighting should or should not be allowed in hockey. There are lots of different debates going on right now and many people are getting a say in what they think about fighting such as, former Boston Bruins coach, Don Cherry and NHL director of hockey operations, Colin Campbell who said that most fans like fighting and that right now it has its place in hockey. Fighting is also a huge part of the game for some very aggressive players so to take away fighting from hockey would to be taking away some of the players as well. Although, some people say that fighting sends a bad message to children it actually prevents more injuries then it causes. Actually, most people think that fighting is a way for players to release their anger during the game and it even keeps the skilled players out there from getting hurt because of the enforcers (fighters).

Many people love to watch the game of hockey either to watch their favorite team play or their favorite player score the overtime winner but the one thing that boosts the excitement in every fan is a good solid drop of the gloves between two players. Although, fighting causes a five minute penalty for their actions, it is very exciting for the fans and is a highly effective tool for lots of teams. One of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) biggest and most exciting brawlers of this time is Colton Orr of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Orr and many other major fighters give fighting in hockey a entire new meaning from knocking someone out to pulling on hair, but either way most fans love to watch the exciting bouts between two rivals. Still to this day just as many exciting fights are take place today just as they were when the game of hockey started.

Secondly, if the commissioners took fighting out of the National Hockey League they would be taking the risk of losing a major percentage of the US market. This would be a huge problem because there is a vast majority of people...
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