Ice Cream

Topics: Sampling, Ice cream, Stratified sampling Pages: 16 (4773 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Name: Lee Yaoxiang
UOG ID: 000696310
Course: BA (Hons) in Marketing
Subject Title: Customer Insight & Research
Subject Code: MARK1109
Lecturer: Mr. Pradeep Paraman
Intake: February 2011


Executive Summary| Page 3|
Research Objectives| Page 4|
Introduction| Page 4-5|
Methodology| Page 6|
Technique of Sampling| Page 6|
Method of Data Collection| Page 7-8|
Questionnaires| Page 9|
MRS Code of Conduct| Page 10|
Research Limitations| Page 11|
Primary Data Analysis| Page 12-14|
Fishbein Model| Page 15|
Conclusion| Page 16|
Recommendations| Page 17|
Appendix| Page 18-30|
References| Page 31-32|

Executive Summary
In this report, there are lots of researches has been done. In order to successfully finish this research analysis, the author had found 265 people to participate on this survey. Throughout this 265 people, 150 respondents confirmed as the true respondents with the highest accuracy of the information given. The author had used simple random sampling as the method of data collection. This is because this method is simple and it can involve large number of respondents. While for the survey, the author used face to face survey. The reason is because face to face survey is much easier to get the real answer and the time spent with the respondents will also be long enough to get the wanted information. Throughout this research, the author had followed the MRS code of conduct when they do the analysis. Besides that, limitations like time of information completion, uncertainties of numbers reached in a specific time and the uncooperative of the public. This analysis also shows that Haagen Dazs is an expensive ice cream with healthier, tastier and famous brand that more people will choose on it. While economy ice cream like Nestle and King’s has more availability, more flavors and cheaper to eat.

To: Mr. Pradeep Paraman
From: Lee Yaoxiang
Subject: Ice Cream Analysis
Date:20th November 2012

Research Objectives
In this research or analysis, there are some objectives or aims that the researcher need to achieved. For example, what are the attitudes of consumers on the particular brands of ice cream (Haagen Dazs, Nestle, and King’s). Other than that, the researcher needs to know how the attributes of ice cream to influence the buying decision of the consumers. The attributes of ice cream included the flavor, taste, smell, nutrition facts, and appearance and the design of the ice cream. The next objectives are to find out what kind of attributes make the consumers chose that certain brand. Besides that, it is also important to find out what cognition that the consumers have on the chosen product brand of ice cream.

Things that are going to be discuss in this report is what attributes will the consumers consider about when it comes to the purchasing of ice cream. Researches are to be done is because of many reason. The first and most important factor is the weather of Malaysia. The weather in Malaysia is hot or summer at all time. Therefore, when it comes to non-rainy season, ice cream is basically what people choose to cure the thirst or heat. There are lots of ice cream brand that can be found in Malaysia and example of it will be Walls, Nestle, Baskin Robbin, Haagen Dazs and many more. Ice cream brands that are going to be analyze is Haagen Dazs, Nestle, and King’s. The reason for choosing these brands is that when all the factors including flavors, popularity and many more compared, these three brands share almost the same figure. People in Malaysia love ice cream not only because of the all time hot weather, but also different flavor and taste that satisfy them with in a cool way. The most common flavor of ice cream will be the chocolate and vanilla but nowadays, flavors like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peanut butter, lime, mango and much more. Besides that, there’s another attribute that will...
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