Ib English Paper

Topics: A Hero of Our Time, George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, Byronic hero Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Nouchee Lor
Mrs. Kottke
IB HL English
11 October 2012
Reflective Statement
“He was of medium height. His shapely, slim figure and broad shoulders gave evidence of a strong constitution, capable of enduring all the hardships of a nomad life and changes of climates, and of resisting with success both the demoralizing effects of life in the Capital and tempests of the soul” (Lermontov pg. 50). A true man is a man who takes responsibility. He is a man who takes responsibility for himself, his family, his influence, his actions, and his accountability. What do you think defines a true man? If a man takes responsibility for what he does, what he is, and who he is he would not have to blame the society, his surroundings, and other people he has met or known. But I cannot define a man in only my perspective because there are many definitions to what a man is, and what he symbolizes. Of course there isn’t only one type of man in this world, but I will explain my understanding of a man I’ve learned about. In the novel, A Hero of Our Time, Mikhail Lermontov uses the Byronic influence to create the characterization of Pechorin, who is also known as Grigori Alexandrovich. To give you a little knowledge of what the Byronic influence is, I will tell you some information about it. The Byronic influence happened in the 1700s, and it happened due to Lord Byron’s works, such as his poems. Lord Byron’s influence was known throughout the whole world by many people, including Russian Romantic writer, poet, and painter, Mikahil Lermontov. Through our interactive orals (IOs), the topic Byronic Influence stood out the most because I felt that it would play a big part within the novel, A Hero of Our Time. As I thought, it did play a big part in the novel. Lermontov’s character, Pechorin is characterized as the “Byronic hero”. A Byronic hero is defined as a melancholy and rebellious young man, distressed by a terrible wrong he committed in the past....
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