Hyper-Globalisation and It's Political Relevance

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Date: 10/09/12
Hyper-globalisation and its Political Relevance
This essay will determine what hyper-globalisation really is and how it should be best received. It will also look closely at the broader meaning of globalisation, how it is driven and how it is influenced. Hyper-globalisation promotes the modern concept of global integration and its rapid progression. Globalisation is an inevitable process which can be identified by many forms such as NATO, fundamentally enhanced technologies and capitalism. Globalisation should be integrated into each nation’s political agenda, into their political future. Without encompassing this new idea, a nation would suffer in terms of their success financially and politically. Globalisation represents inter-connectedness between nations. Interconnectedness can be defined by political relationships, trade alliances but also insignificant capabilities such as international calling and the use of an all-new ‘Skype’ program. Hyper-globalists believe that interconnectedness is a new process which has sped up in recent years, similar to the concept of expediential growth and the law of accelerating returns [ (Kurzweil, 2001) ]. The acceleration of globalisation is believed to be fuelled by the development of technologies and the influence of capitalism [ (Slaughter, 2012) ]. Globalisation is current and strong in today’s world as organisations such as NATO depict. These organisations provoke the countries desire to ‘join forces’, combining the strength of their governments and economies. Globalisation is stimulated by political movements (e.g. NATO, World Trade Organisation and the United Nations) which motivate countries to work together in some-what coalition movements. Encouraging nations to deliberate and make decisions together forms the foundation of globalisation which is happening at an ever-increasing rate. The North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was initially formed with the intention of providing a means of...
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