Hunyango Sa Bato

Topics: Want, Need, Experience Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 7, 2012

This novel is about an Engineer whom once dreams to be a writer but due to his father’s request become an Engineer. His dreams to be a writer originate with his fascination to an old man that was known to witness every crime in their place. But this field doesn’t hinder him to narrate his experience in work and experience he gain with other people, just like what the old man says. “Ang kwento ay dapat kwento ng buhay mo para lagging totoo. ”Para hindi napapasubalian kasi ikaw lang talaga ang nakakaranas.” (Page 8) There are several experiences he narrates that cover various field of work. Once he experience to be a Project Engineer where he felt being so important in different types of people. He also works in an aggregate company where he met different people. There was a time that he need to investigate a tragedy happened to one of their employee, an event that lead him to learn some mystery in that place. He learned that some businessman used connections and bribes to be efficient. He also narrates his experience as a sale representative, used other people to have connections and gain sales. He even gives different advice on how you can gain sales in government, which sometimes you need to lose to gain something. He met an employee that even without proper education, but due to hard work and being a good leader became a Project Manager. He also told that sometimes you will be forced to participate in some officials who want to corrupt the fund designated to one project. Because if you don’t do what they want, you will face a consequence that eventually will lead to loses. He also experienced twice being in danger because of his work, first is with a possessed co-worker and second when some rebellious people captured them. He has some experience outside the Philippines, when time that his company needs his expertise and sends him to supervise some work. He narrates different culture, beliefs...
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