Topics: Truth, Education, Religion Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The whys and wherefores for writing a memoir are diverse and vast. Some aim at leaving legacy to their successors while others do it to share wisdom. One’s awareness of the purpose for writing a particular memoir presents an emotional power for doing the job. Since everyone wants to leave a good legacy, it is extraordinarily difficult to tell the dark side of the story. As a result, not all things presented by the authors are true. Basically, truth can be classified into; factual and emotional truths. The former is commonsensical and can be established through sensible proofs while the latter is unfounded. Something can, therefore, be true but not factual. Moreover, factual truths are based on experiments which may pose conflicting versions of an event since experimental results fluctuate. Fundamentally, the crafting of a memoir involves a number of steps. Ultimately, one should be driven by the inspiration to share wisdom with others, choose an appropriate time period, draw a timeline and draft the memoir. Most renowned writers observe the framework of the Hero’s life passage; the journey from negativity to positivity, naivety to wisdom and uncertainty to self-knowing. These passages are established through trials during the life adventure. On my opinion, I believe that one should be allowed to bend facts in a memoir with the aim of achieving the above-mentioned objectives. QUESTION 2

Six-word Memoir is a scheme originally established by a U.S founded storytelling publication. The publication aimed at presenting a podium for storytelling in all its kinds. For instance, ‘I can’t keep my own secrets’ is a six word memoir that depicts an individual’s tendency to reveal chief secrets or significant past moments in their lives. On the other hand, when I say ‘Alcohol has utterly ruined my life’, then I am simply trying to inform the reader of my continued abuse of alcohol and my bitter...
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