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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Since my early years in middle school I have been a participant in or employed by various youth organizations. My first experience and longest tenure was with the Boys and Girls Club of America in Gainesville, Florida. Through this organization, with its diverse youth population and host of challenges, I developed a passion for the advocacy of underrepresented youth and have continued to seek out opportunities to further my interest. Whether working in an educational setting as I did with AmeriCorps and the After School All-Stars or with a community based service, I have made a relentless effort to advocate for the youth that I serve. I would like to professionally pursue my interest in youth development through an integrated community advocacy approach. I believe Hunter College's Urban Affairs program can provide me with the diverse training and skills needed to understand issues related to community development and sustainability. It is my understanding that the interdisciplinary curriculum and the flexibility of the program can give me the broad based analytical skills to assess urban community needs, resources and delivery of services in light of youth development. Hunter College’s multifaceted approach to understanding urbanism will allow me to become a better advocate for Youth Development. The redefined curriculum at Hunter College will help me recognize issues involved in community development with a focus on youth services. With this knowledge I will be better equip to asses low-income communities, address neighborhood violence and its impact upon the youth, and restore positive affirmation back into the community. My holistic methodology will ensure tailor services that are long term and evaluated to procure empowerment and sociopolitical change. These changes include, but are not limited to, easier transitions into adulthood, improvement in the educational sector, and fostering the assets of underachieving youth. It will also open venues for...
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