Hunger Games

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D. Discuss how these character’s actions are shaped/affected and moved by the moral/ethical choices/positions that they make.
Katniss is forced to consider the fact that she will have to kill her fellow tributes before a television audience to return to her family alive. When killing is justified? Katniss is presented with killing children to ensure her own survival. The argument can be made that the other tributes are out to kill Katniss and therefore her actions are justified as self-defense, Katniss is also aware that these kids are nearly all being forced into the games as well. The only tributes that are seemingly without excuse for their actions are those who volunteer for the honor of winning the games, such as the tributes from District One. Katniss chooses, early on, to step into the games to defend her sister and therefore takes on this moral dilemma for the best reasons. E. Identify and discuss major philosophical theories, ideas and concepts that affect the major character of the film.

The logic of the Hunger Games, in which contestants compete in a televised fight to the death in tribute to the oppressive central government, mirrors the writings of Hobbes. “Hobbes argued that in the absence of any dominant power to make and enforce rules, we have the right to do whatever we see fit”. This can be seen in ‘game’ wherein people are put in a certain place and the only one to survive can go home.

Then there’s Peeta’s attitude which closely resembles the views of Kant, who believed that morality imposes obligations and duties on us that will guide us in our conduct. Therefore Peeta does what he believes to be moral and tries to do everything to win the game. F. Pick one major character and make a moral/ethical evaluation of the conduct and judgments of this character. Evaluate whether or not the actions of the said character are right.

Katniss Everdeen. She portrays self-sacrifice by taking the place of her sister and by how she relates with the...
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