Robinson Crusoe

Topics: Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, Man Friday Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Worksheet 1 – Robinson Crusoe

Read the excerpt provided and answer the following questions. Check a reference book if necessary, but please make sure to express and justify your opinion about the points below in the first place.

a.Which adjectives would you apply to the main character according to the texts you have read?

I would define Robinson Crusoe as a dominant, generous, self-sufficient, brave, strong, smart, surviving, imaginative, practical, adaptable and hard working man.

Robinson Crusoe finds himself alone in a lost island. He manages to find water and food, and to make tools that will help him fishing, cooking… He becomes a self-sufficient man because he’s got no choice. In order to keep himself alive, he adopts a brave and strong attitude that leads him to discover and create new ways to take care of himself. He experiments, he tries his new ideas, and he works hard because he knows that this will bring him the food needed, etc. Also, when he meets Friday, he shows himself dominant and superior to him, but even though Friday becomes his slave, he still is generous and comprehensive with him. Being smart turns into a necessity when surviving depends on it. And he did for 25 years.

b.Man and nature in the novel. What is Robinson Crusoe’s attitude towards the island and its resources?

Robinson Crusoe uses what ha can find in the island to create his own environment where he can live and survive. He gets everything from nature as the main source to make everything he needs. He takes materials and nutrients and transforms them himself. This is what Defoe’s preaches in this book, that raw materials are the beginning of a manufacturing process which men have to create in order to produce what will bring benefit.

c.Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday. What is the relationship between them?

They have a relationship of Master and slave even though Crusoe treats him fairly well. He teaches him his moral standards and tries to turn him into...
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