Topics: Hungary, Lajos Kossuth, Debrecen Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Debrecen University
Professor: Tibor Glant

Master Student: Shahriyar Mammadov

Subject: Introduction to Hungarian Culture.
Topic: Travelling

Debrecen: 2012

Traveling is an important way to gain knowledge and acquire education. It gives the first hand knowledge to the traveler and the books gives the second hand knowledge. Obviously, knowledge obtained from travelling can be equal to the knowledge which was obtained from books. Travelling, creates in us the desire for investigation , exploration and discovery Travelling provides us with. significant knowledge about the history, culture. of visited place. Education is not perfect and complete without traveling. Traveling is very useful for us especially for the learners. It provides us not with bookish knowledge but with practical experiences. Recently our university also organized for us a great trip to another city of Hungary. This little and pretty city called as a Tokay city. First of all, I want to give information about Tokay city. Tokay is famous wine-district of Hungary famous all over the world.  Even the first Magyar settlers of Hungary found grape-vines in this region. The history of Tokay city has always been closely interwoven with the wine. Many Hungarian Nobles, had their own cellars in Tokay. The most famous among them, the Rákóczi-cellars of Tokay and Sárospatak still receive visitors. The Tokay wine was well-known and very popular as early as the 12th century. King Louis XIV and others were all lovers of the Tokay wines. The most important thing for me in Tokay was the beautifulness and its quietness. People in this were quite hospitable and nice. All attend of people was in us. Now I want to talk about our trip. Our trip started at 8 am, in front of our university. We started our trip with getting on into two buses. After being in the road two hours we reached our first...
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