How Would You Describe Your Country or Region and the People Who Live There?

Topics: Moldova, Romania, Iaşi Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: January 18, 2013
2. How would you describe your country or region and the people who live there? Although it is often cited that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, it is a beautiful country with a fascinating history, culture and people. Its lush green hills, dense forests, and the wonderful sunflower fields are a treat to the eye. Vineyards and orchards occupy the biggest part of the country and the land is very fertile. Moldova has enriched its own culture adopting and maintaining some of the traditions of its neighbours and of other influence sources. The country’s cultural heritage was marked by numerous churches and monasteries built by the Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great in the 15th century, by the works of the later renaissance Metropolitans Varlaam and Dosoftei, and those of scholars such as Grigore Ureche, Miron Costin, Dimitrie Cantemir, Ion Neculce. The cultural heritage of Moldova is rich in traditions and customs. The country got an international fame due to its professional craftsmanship by making fine objects of embroidery, wood carvings, knit carpets, different decorations, baskets of osier. Also, Moldova has rich folk art traditions. Moldovan songs and dances are known far and wide. Carpets are the pride of our republic. The national cuisine is known all over the world. The people of Moldova are very hospitable. They would always offer a glass of fresh and cool wine. Wine-making in Moldova has a long-standing tradition. Wine is an especially powerful symbol in Moldova; it is associated with quality and purity. The cellars of Cricova and Milestii Mici with their extensive collection of old wines are considered to be a state treasure. As we all know, Moldova has a well-developed science and culture. Our biggest research centre is the Moldovan Academy of Science. It is worth mentioning that Mihai Eminescu and Ion Creangă, a writer, are the most influential Romanian language artists, considered national writers both in Romania and Moldova....
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