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A Humorous Mix-Up
September 13, 2010

It was a typical late summer day in my life; the all work no play world of Tanner Simons. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but seriously while other kids are swimming, playing in summer basketball leagues or hanging out. I am held captive forty-five miles from the nearest town. I get to spend my summers helping out on the family ranch. We have a lot of creek bottoms that require crossings. Over the years equipment has grown in size. On this particular day Dad decided we needed to replace some culverts with bigger ones. This will cut off a lot of miles and hill climbing with the stack mover. I am the youngest of six kids and was eager to prove what I could do. There were two crossings to dig out. I would start with the one by the corrals down below, about 2 miles south of our house. I drove the excavator down and began playing in the dirt. Did I mention that it was a hot afternoon and just the drive down was miserable? I moved on down the creek about another mile and a half and dove right in digging out the other old crossing. My brother came down to get me on the motorcycle and we headed back up to the house. I was feeling quite proud of myself and my accomplishments of the day. I was relaxing on the computer enjoying the air conditioning when my Dad and sister came in too. They had been moving cows and had went down below to put in the new culverts. Dad wanted to know why in the heck it took me all afternoon to dig out one culvert. I told him I got them both dug out and he said not to kid him, he was hot and tired! A heated argument happened before we finally figured out that I had dug out the wrong crossing! It is funny now but having to go back down and dig a third culvert that same afternoon was not funny at all.
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