Human Trafficking in Houston

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Police Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Caitlin Craft
Senior English 2
October 30. 2012
Current Slavery In Houston
Texans and Americans alike need to be aware of ongoing human slavery that tarnished the I-10 freeway and they need to know how they can stop the plague of Human Trafficking on Houston Texas. This past January, President Barack Obama recognized Human Trafficking Awareness month. In a published statement the President said he wanted to, “recognize the people, organizations and government entities that are working to combat human trafficking,” and “recommit to bringing an end to this inexcusable human rights abuse.” According to the U.S. Department of Justice human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries, with 14,500-17,500 individuals trafficked in the United States each year and 800,000 globally. With a number of contributing factors, including a diverse immigrant population and major roads for domestic and international travel, Houston is a hotspot for human trafficking in the U.S. According to Religion Link, “Nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits are now enlisting the aid of religious groups in the fight against human trafficking.” In Houston, organizations like the YMCA, the Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition, Free the Captives and Redeemed Ministries are all part of an entrenched alliance of non-profits, both secular and religious, fighting human trafficking in Houston. Constance Rossiter of the YMCA said, “These partnerships with religious organizations and other non-profits are essential to combatting human trafficking.” “There are many levels, it’s like a puzzle,” she said, “fighting human trafficking takes a community of partners including non-profits, churches, synagogues and law enforcement.” Each entity has its role to play, whether it be prevention, lobbying for legislation, advocation, awareness or enforcement, said Rossiter. Free the Captives, a Houston based Christian non-profit, does it all. Having long been involved in...
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