Human Resoyrces Practices

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This assignment takes a look at Basil Read, a company based in South Africa which has moved from strength to strength. We take a look at Human Resources practices, starting with how these are aligned to support the use of technology; we look at the high leverage strategy and its linkages to employee training at Basil Read. As a highly successful company, we also take a look at the talent management at Basil Read with special emphasis on career management approach and how these benefit both the organization and its employees depending on different career stages the employees may be in. we finally look at the performance management system used Basil Read as well as the system at the NNR and the extent to which the NNR system could be used by Basil Read. What is evident in the assignment is that Basil Read has strategically positioned the HR function and is reaping great benefits from its strategic partnership as this continues to produce high performance thus adding value to Basil Read customers whilst ensuring satisfied employees.


”Innovation forms the very core of the Basil Read offering”

2.1 Discussion on how the HR Practices at basil Read are aligned to support the use of technology throughout the organization

Basil Read was rated best employer in 2013, this is largely attributable to is robust best Human resources management practices which are completely aligned to the organizational strategy. One of the top eight best practices is the organization‘s ability to continuously capitalize on the technological advancement to achieve a highest level of competence.

2.2 Alignment of HR Practices to support the use of technology

Technology does not only expand HR services delivery options, it also increases the value to business by raising the burden on the traditional channels whilst providing a richer and more engaging experience.

2.3 Virtual Learning
Virtual Learning utilize virtual classrooms and meetings which often use a mix of communication technologies ed a web conferencing software that enables students and instructors to communicate with each other via webcam, microphone, and real-time chatting in a group setting. With virtual learning, students have direct and immediate access to their instructor for instant feedback and direction Lepak and Snell define it as ".a network-based structure built on partnerships and typically mediated by information technologies to help the organization acquire, develop, and deploy intellectual capital. Basil reads is currently constructing a state of the art multifunction centre that promises to offer real time training to various sites to drive training down to site level, this will be both virtual and e-learning inclined. This will ensure that employees in different locations are trained using technology, which aid in delivering training at the same time to these sites. Employees can in this way receive and participate in the training activities in their computers, thus saving Basil reads both the time to travel to the training venue and the associated costs.

Various arguments have been made about the effectiveness of virtual training, the concerns vary from the facilitators ability to have personal interaction to ensuring active participation by the learners, however, other argue in favour of this approach, like Janet Clarey, a senior analyst at Berson & Associates, a training consultancy, who argues that distance per se is not a challenge, rather instructional design, the material that does not take into account how adults learn. Basil reads, will need to ensure as part of its development of the training environment, that the material is of such good quality that the element of adult learning is incorporated into the material development process, not only that but also to conduct some research on best practices in virtual training.

2.4 E- Learning
Basil Reads also intends to use the learning centre for E learning, this...
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