Human Resources - Dual Career Couples

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HR Policy for Dual-Career Couples:
Human Resource Management and Development

HR Policy for Dual-Career Couples
The changing demographics of our workforce have demanded that we address our HR policy regarding to families, and in particular dual income or dual-career couples. This policy will assist families that find themselves overwhelmed with work, parenting, adult education, and ultimately increasing productivity for the company.

Careful consideration will be given to couples both employed at this company as well as single parents and employees whose spouses work outside our firm. It is understood that school functions, daycare, medical appointments, education opportunities, and care of the home; often interfere with normal working hours. Alternate and flex work schedules, telework, daycare opportunities and relocation assistance will be afforded employees in any of these situations. Consideration will also be given to couples employed by this firm that are in different career stages.

Dependant on the position, alternative works schedules will be offered to employees that fit the above guidelines. The option of working 4 – 10 hours days, 8- 9 hour days followed by one 8 hour day and every other Friday off, or the conventional 5- 8 hour days will be offered to these employees. The advantage of incorporating the above alternative work schedule is that it provides a Required Day Off (RDO) in which family, medical and home related affairs can be taken care of. This provides the employee with time to have away from work, during the week, with which to attend to business that would otherwise require the use of vacation time. This also can be a day for the employee to relax, the kids will be at school, and it can become a personal/mental health day.

Flex schedules will also be offered these employees with the following guidelines. A flex schedule is defined as a schedule that ensures an employee is present for set core hours, offering...
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