Human Resources

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1) Define environmental challenges. Explain 5 of them.

Environmental challenges are the forces external to the firm. They influence organizational performance but are largely beyond management’s control. 1)Globalization:
how to compete against foreign firms. The Internet is fueling globalization, and most large firms are actively involved in manufacturing overseas, international joint ventures, or collaboration with foreign firms. Worldwide recruiting, forming a organizational culture, a virtual workforce.

2) Internet Revolution:
The dramatic growth of the Internet in recent years affects organizations and their human resourcepractices. Almost all firms use the Internet as part of their normal business practices. The Internet is creating an open labor market where information about prospective employees and firms is available on a global basis and may be obtained quickly and inexpensively. The Internet enables firms to handle many operational HR details much more quickly and efficiently. 3) Workforce Diversity:

The workforce of a firm can include different employees from different countries or from different cultures. This creates workforce diversity that HR strategies have to manage. 4) Legislation:
One of the crucial roles of HR function is keeping the company out of trouble with the law. Most firms are deeply concerned with potential liability resulting from personnel decisions that may violate laws, state legislatures, or local governments. Legislation may differentiate between public- and private-sector organizations. In fact, All HR practices are influenced by government regulations. Discrimination charges, intel. Property, 5) Family and Work Roles:

Many companies are introducing “family-friendly” programs that give them a competitive advantage in the labor market. Issues such as adoption benefits, child care, elder-care resources, parenting support, and telework are provided by the firms in order to hire and retain the best-qualified employees.

2) Selecting HR Strategies to Increase Firm Performance

1)Fit with organizational straegies:
The better the match between the HR strategy and the firm’s overall organizational strategies. 2)Fit with the environment:
Degree of uncertainity, magnitude of change, volatility, complexity HR strategies should help the organization cope with the unique environmental forces that affect it. 3)Fit with organizational characteristics:

Managerial philosophy, org structure&culture, market posture To be effective, HR strategies must be tailored to the organization’s personality. 4)Fit with organizational capabilities:
The better the HR strategy enables the firm to capitalize on its distinctive competencies. 5)Consistency:
HR strategies should be mutually consistent and reinforce one another than work at cross-purposes. For instance, many organizations are currently trying to improve their performance by structuring work in teams. However, these same organizations often continue to use a traditional performance appraisal system in which each employee is evaluated individually. The appraisal system needs to be overhauled to make it consistent with the emphasis on team performance.

What is work flow?
* The work flow is the way that the work is organized within the organizational structure. It aims to organize a defined system to meet organization’s production or service goals.

Self-Managed teams?
A team responsible for producing anentire product, a component, or anongoing service. Organizations are implementing self-managed work teams primarily to improve quality andproductivity and to reduce operating costs. In most cases, SMT members are cross-trained on the different tasks assigned to the team. 19 Some SMTs have members with a set of complex skills—for example, scientists and engineers with training in different disciplines. Members of the SMT have many managerial duties, including work scheduling, selecting work methods, ordering materials, evaluating...
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