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Human Resources Project Paper

Zach Newcomb

BUS303 Human Resource Management

Dr. Amy E. Kramer PhD

Interview Project Paper

According to the Princeton Review, “Human resources managers handle personnel decisions, including hiring, position assignment, training, benefits, and compensation. Their decisions are subject to some oversight, but company executives recognize their experience and skill in assessing personnel and rely heavily on their recommendations.” .Human Resource Managers deal with adversity on a daily basis and it is their job to be strict and fair. In this essay the issues of Incentive Rewards, safety in the workplace, employee benefits, and implementing compensation. Also included in the essay is interviewee research, a pre interview reflection, the interview questions, and the conclusion.

Interviewee Research
For this project I have decided to interview my cousin Chris Noring. Chris is one of the head executives for Aldi’s grocery store. He is the head of administration. Before he was in the corporate office, he was a Store District Manager for several grocery stores in eastern Iowa. His job included training store managers, hiring personal, and made sure all of the stores were run properly and up to federal regulations. Aldi’s grocery stores are a national chain of grocery stores that specialize in discount food items. “ALDI entered the U.S. market in 1976, with a handful of stores in southeastern Iowa. Now, over 1,000 U.S. ALDI stores are spreading the savings from Kansas to the East Coast. In its 2008 report, Supermarket News ranked ALDI 25th in U.S. grocery chains in terms of gross sales—a considerable accomplishment given our select assortment and low prices.” ( The company’s philosophy is “Everything we do, from selecting suppliers to scouting locations to building and operating stores, facilitates savings substantial enough to impact your every-day living.” ( The company claims it is successful because of a simple motto. “Aldi’s is convinced that long-term business success can only be achieved if we additionally assume responsibility for people, nature and the environment. This belief is reflected in our CR Policy”.

Pre-Interview Reflection

My goal for this interview is to obtain firsthand knowledge and get a better understanding on what people who work with human resources do. What better way than to learn from a family member. I expect to learn about what the book say’s about the subject and actually apply it to real life situations. Some of the benefits are gaining knowledge strait from the source, gaining firsthand knowledge, and helping me make better HR related decision latter in my career. Some things that I should consider before I meet is my dress attire. It is essential to make a good impression (even if it is a family member.) I should also consider asking him what other things I can do to help better my chances of getting a better career.

Interview Questions

Incentive rewards

How do you set performance measures? What technique do you use? At Aldi’s we believe that the people are the most important part of the company because they provide the stepping stone for the organization. Our Store managers and their employees use a standard hourly pay system while the store managers are mostly salary. Each store manager receives a bonus if they meet over a certain goal. Employees receive annual bonuses as an incentive. We set goals and standards that should be met by each store and if they do exceed expectations we feel they should be fairly compensated. Which pay system does Aldi’s use and why is it most effective? Pay by the hour for store employees while management starts off with a base salary with yearly increases. It gives managers time to work at their own time while still being fairly compensated and store employees can work their scheduled hours and still be compensated.

What are the benefits and...
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