Human Reproductive Sysytem

Topics: Reproductive system, Spermatozoon, Reproduction Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The system facilitates reproduction in human beings. Reproduction involves first of all sexual intercourse in which there is ejaculation of sperms, by the male, into the female’s reproductive tract. Ejaculation is in form of semen. Sperms travel to fertilize eggs in females. This results in fertilization leading to the development of the baby. Function of reproductive system in females is to produce eggs and to nourish developing offsprings. On the other hand, male reproductive system is to produce sperms. Male reproductive system involves organs located inside and outside the body. The organs can be categorized in three groups. First, sperm production and storage consists of testes, scrotum and epididymis. The second group consists of organs that secrete semen constituents, which include vas deferens, prostate, and seminal vesicles. The third group consists of organs used for copulation, which include Cowper’s gland, penis and urethra. Sperms develop in the testes which releases a hormone to control the process. Scrotum controls temperature. Female reproductive system in human beings consists of organs located inside the body. It consists of three major parts. The first part consists of a path that leads from the opening to the inner chamber the uterus. The second part is uterus, which is a chamber for fetal development. The third part is ovaries which produce eggs to be fertilized. During intercourse the vagina is usually lubricated by a secretion from Bartholin’s glands. Eggs released in the ovaries reach the uterus via fallopian tubes. Production of gametes, gametogenesis, takes place in specialized tissues known as gonads. It occurs when cells in the tissue undergo meiosis. This process results in the division of the normal cells containing 46 chromosomes into cells containing 23 chromosomes. In males, it results in the formation of sperms. Sperms are formed in the testes, specifically in the seminiferous tubules. Immature sperms are then transferred to the...
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