Human Migration

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  • Published : March 7, 2007
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Why People Move?
In this century, maybe because of globalization, great number of population is moving from one place to another. In some countries migrants greatly affect the number of country's population. What makes them to move? Usually people move for economic reasons, but some of them migrate to escape political or religious persecutions or simply to fulfill their personal dream. Additionally, these factors could be a booming economy, favorable immigration laws, or free agricultural land in the area to which the migrant is moving. Top 20 Cities

Of course every country has its reasons to immigrate, but some certain parts or countries are chosen by many immigrants. These are Western Europe, Australia, the Persian Gulf, and North America. Immigrants play a fundamental role in the labor force and the social life of cities. Especially Japan is pulling record numbers of legal and illegal immigrants to fill the low-status, low-paying, or dangerous jobs that Japanese natives reject. Immigration is a global phenomenon – nine cities are in North America, with three in Europe, four in the Middle East, two in Asia, and two in Australia/Oceania. The United States is home to eight of these cities, followed by Saudi Arabia, which has three of the top urban immigrant destinations. North American and European Cities Dominate

As I wrote before most people immigrate to country which has good laws, perfect and stable economy. That is why most North American and European cities stand out as a key immigration destinations. The dominance of North America, a traditional region of immigrants, is not surprising, but the range of cities, especially in the United States, from 1991 has expanded to include southeastern cities such as Atlanta and western cities outside of California and Texas, such as Seattle, Denver, and Las Vegas.

All the Western European states now have at least one major immigrant city, and states such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have several....
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