Russia to Siberia 1930-1940 Migration Trend

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Communism Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Migration happens in all countries of the world, it is an important piece of our civilization. Everyday people migrate around the world for a better place to live. People migrate because they want it or because they are forced to.

Between 1930 and 1940 many Russians migrated to Siberia. The second world war was going on in that time. Many people were deported to Siberia, especially anti-communists. The push factor’s of this trend are economical and political trends. In the Soviet Russia that time there were big problems with politics. Joseph Stalin was in power. From 1932 to 1933 there was the soviet famine leading to the deaths of millions. Peasant’s hided their crops since that the communist party of Stalin said that 44% of the grain must be procured. This meant that the peasant’s would not have any more crops for themselves so they keep-ed the crops secret. But because of that there was not enough crop’s on the market making the price high and many people starved to death. This made many want to move to a place where the price of crop’s were not as high. Also many people were refugees of the actions of the NKVD, the secret police of the communist party. People that were anti-communist were deported to Siberia.

Many people wanted to get job’s in that time for their own economical situation. In the 1930’s the industrialization began in siberia. Many mine’s were build to feed the factory’s in the west. Many people could work in those mine’s wich made them a small amount of money for their daily lives. Also Siberia was a big place. You could’ve easily lived in a city without someone ever finding you. This made it more safe to hide for the NKVD then living in the big cities such as Moscow or Sint-Petersburg.

Many people were scared since of the NKVD people were deported. Because of that people participated in anti-soviet rebels hoping that they would stop killing people. But mostly Russia had benefits since people who were deported and worked in...
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