Human Detection and Distance Measurement.

Topics: Human body, Advanced Packaging Tool, OpenCV Pages: 8 (2465 words) Published: May 18, 2012
Applied Image Processing
Askar Abdolrazakov Faisal Ibne Mozher Muhammad Bilal Pooya Moazzeni Bikani

Human Detection and Distance Measurement
Detecting human from his movements and measuring the distance was done in this project. Kinect Xbox360 was used as the sensor to detect the human. Kinect provides the point cloud of the object in front of it. C++ OpenCV library was used to program the kinect, import the data, doing the calculations and showing the final result which is the distance from the device. Linux is the operating system in use to install the OpenCV on. The project can be done in many different ways and on different operating systems. LINUX is good for development purposes, so it was reasonable to use it in this project. To establish the project in windows high configuration which wasn’t available was needed such as 64 bit vista or seven windows, SDK and many libraries which are difficult to install and work with. Installing softwares in LINUX is quite a challenge. It’s very different in many aspects from Windows. To work with kinect in LINUX many software have to be installed. We used the Ubuntu 11.10 distribution of Linux. Eclipse is the IDE (Integrated Development Environmet) in use then G++ compiler was installed to use OpenCV library and to connect kinect to OpenCV, other library libfreenect is needed. The human detection and distance calculation was already done by many researchers before, so understanig and modifying the existing codes is the only problem which will be explained later on.

Hardware: KINECT
Kinect is Input device from Microsoft for the Xbox 360video game device. This device senses the motion. The device controls the games using the gestures. The shape of the kinect sensor device is horizontal which has RGB color camera, monochrome camera, Multi array microphone and an infrared projector. It can sense the 3D objects. The infrared sensor creates a point cloud then the camera captures these reflected points and creates 3D image. It also a motor in it to control the tilt angle according to you requirements. Kinect output video at frame rate of 30 Hz and the RGB stream uses the 8bit VGA resolution (640 by 480)pixels and the monochrome camera output 11 bit depth images with VGA (640 by 480)pixels resolution. Its practical range is 3.9-11 ft. or 1.2-3.5 meters. We can connect the sensor directly to the computer via usb port. It requires 12 volts of input voltage.

Xbox 360 Kinect sensor

At this point which all the hardwares are available and well connected together, softwares need to be installed to connect and program the kinect. eClipse IDE is installed first, then G++ compiler should be installed. OpenCV and libfreenect libraries also are needed.

Eclipse: Eclipse is a platform that has been designed from the ground up for building integrated web and application development tooling. By design, the platform does not provide a great deal of end user functionality by itself. The value of the platform is what it encourages: rapid development of integrated features based on a plug-in model. Eclipse provides a common user interface (UI) model for working with tools. It is designed to run on multiple operating systems while providing robust integration with each underlying OS. Plug-ins can program to the Eclipse portable APIs and run unchanged on any of the supported operating systems. At the core of Eclipse is an architecture for dynamic discovery, loading, and running of plug-ins. The platform handles the logistics of finding and running the right code. The platform UI provides a standard user navigation model. Each plug-in can then focus on doing a small number of tasks well. What kinds of tasks? Defining, testing, animating, publishing, compiling, debugging, diagramming etc, the only limit is your imagination.[5] Installing Eclipse is relatively easy. Just by UBUNTU software center and following the steps the latest version of Eclipse (Indigo) can be...
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