Observing People

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  • Published : August 24, 2012
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When writing a research paper, there are two main patterns that we can choose. The first style, MLA (Modern Language Association), is widely used in conducting papers and citing sources within the humanities range and it should be double-spaced. When paraphrasing, quoting or summarizing, MLA requires citation of the author’s last name, the source’s title, and the page number. In addition to that, the paper must include one’s own name, the instructor’s name, and course title with the date all inserted in the upper left hand corner. However, in general, APA (American Psychological Association) style is used mostly in natural sciences, and it includes title page, abstract, main body and references. Unlike the MLA style, APA emphasizes on the date of publication by writing it near the beginning of the entry. Also APA style usually uses tables and graph to support the content and it capitalizes the names of journals and magazines but not necessary all words in the books and articles.

Human’s actions are shaped by necessity, but that is not always the case for sometimes the society and the environment has a great impact upon our actions and how we usually fight our way to survive the day, and vice versa. Some other times, under the same stress and storm, you might act one way and I another, and that brings us to the cultural upbringing. During my past two years that I lived in United States, I have been living like an observer, spotting my new community in Chicago and thus I was able to distinguish two social issues which relate to, one: Immigration, and second: Technology.

The first phenomenon that I noticed once I arrived to Chicago was the amazing diversity of immigrants this city held under her wings. One example is in Devon Avenue neighborhood, which is a street that has been settled by many immigrant groups, and it is perhaps most evident between Kedzie and Ridge Avenues in West Ridge. Here, one traveling eastward we will encounter, an Orthodox...
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