Human Brain & Intelligence: Their Secrets and Wonders

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The discussion aim to answer the inquiries listed in the statement of the problem. The essence of these answers will help readers to anticipate the structure of what will follow.

The following are the questions that the researchers aim to work out:

1. What is unique about human brains?

We, humans pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our brain. It is unique from other species mainly because of its size and its ability to think. Its difference in size to other animals is very obvious because as a larger animal, we need a bigger brain to run our bodies. It also contains unique structures and patterns of organization that causes our intelligence. Human brain compares, synthesizes, analyses and generates ideas which can then be tested for legitimacy. It can think through and interpret into action complex ideas is what distinguishes our species from animals.

According to Shakira Karipineni (2000),

"During human evolution, our forebrain became larger as our cerebral cortex increased in size. This means it had to become more folded to fit inside the skull. This gives the outside of the human brain its 'walnut' appearance. Humans have a larger cerebral cortex relative to the rest of the brain than any other animal. The cerebral cortex handles many of our unique skills, like language and problem solving."

The folds of the brain are also called Gyri. Inside these Gyris were millions of neurons, which are accountable for the transmission of information from the senses to the brain. And having more folds, or Gyri, makes you more intelligent.

According to Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett (2011),

“It is sort of survival of the most elaborate. This would strongly suggest, but not prove, some kind of divine design. Human brain-folds are a great, clever idea that sent creation down a very interesting path, perhaps down the rabbit hole itself. Science suggests that you use less than 20% of your brain capacity.

What you believe you think consciously…is not all that you think. Your emotional responses come from the unconscious thoughts that are stored in your DNA as patterns and programs of thought and behavior that reach the surface of your conscious thinking only when you have a feeling. You name that feeling, which then pulls up other thoughts that support those emotions, which send more chemical messages down to the cells, which then send up more familiar and related thoughts, or creates new thoughts that match the existing ones.

Therefore, in the process of dealing with all those thoughts running around in your brain, the ones with an emotional charge in particular, are sent to your brain from your unconscious. They are then re-circulated and reinforced, generally without re-evaluation. The subconscious mind controls 95% of your behavior and your gene-regulating cognitive activity through programs obtained from your stored beliefs.”

According to Pasko T. Rakic,

“The brain is the organ that sets us apart from any other species. It is not the strength of our muscles or of our bones that makes us different, it is our brain.”

For centuries, scientists and philosophers have been arguing for “What makes human unique from other species?” Some says, it was because of the brain. But what is really unique about the Human Brain? The brain is a thinking organ that learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action. Humans are physically unique, it is also obvious that we differ from other animals in far more complex aspects. Only human were able to think vividly. Humans are able to solve problems effortlessly. The brain is a very big place in a very small space. Isn’t it amazing that an organ, just like the brain, which contains millions of cells, develops from a single cell, the egg.

According to Michael...
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