Human Behavior Case Study

Topics: Psychology, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Jessica Moreno Brown
Human Behavior HN 144
Professor Garner

1. What are some of the personal biases and prejudices that a human service professional would have to set aside to assist this family? Some personal biases and prejudices a human service professional would have to put aside would be and personal experiences he or she may have that pertain to the case. For instance if the professional had experienced growing up in a drug home or to a mother or father addicted to drugs and held any animosity from that. Any and all personal experiences or views need to be put aside and the professional needs to be sure to adhere to the professional ethical standards.

2. What ethical standards (statements 1-9) relate directly to the Baby Kim case? Summarize/state the standard(s) and explain how the standards relate directly to the Baby Kim case. Statement #8 of the Human Service Professional’s Responsibility to Clients which states; the clients right to self-determination is protected by human service professionals. They recognize the client’s right to receive or refuse services. In the Baby Kim’s case mom was offered child care for the youngest boy. Mom refused services to put the child in child care and all of the kids were taken and put into foster care. The social worker has confirmed that all of the kids were well taken care of and seemed to be thriving. 3. Which of the nine statements might be challenging for a human services professional working with Baby Kim’s family? Why? I believe statement #6 would be the most challenging for any human services professional because you empathies with anyone who may loose their kids. I don’t think anyone wants to see kids taken from their parents and put into the system even though the professional knows its probably the best thing to avoid emotional or psychological damage to the child it is still hard because the kids do not understand all they know is their being taken from mom and dad and put...
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