Bshs/302 What Is Human Services?

Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, Unfair labor practice Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: December 10, 2012
What is Human Services?
June 27, 2011
University of Phoenix

What is Human Services?
This paper will examine the nature and purpose of human services professional and their practices. It will include the history of the human services field, the goal of human service professionals, the common intervention strategies used by human services professional, and the ethical considerations human service professionals must adhere too. Human services or human services professionals can be defined as people who help or assist others, such as individuals, families, groups, or communities cope with everyday stresses, trauma, natural disasters, or the medically challenged. Human service professions help people get passed the issues or barriers that arise these issue and barriers do not allow for these people or groups of people to be self sufficient and lead a productive life, but with enough help they can overcome the barriers and lead healthy and productive lives. The Human service profession includes many fields of work including counselors who help people or groups of people talk and overcome their issues, advocates who defend the client’s rights, case workers who assess and make arrangements for the treatment plan or services the person will need, and behavioral specialists who help change the wrong behaviors of the patient or client. This is just a small list of fields that a human services professional could be involved with. Throughout history mental illness was cause for great fears amongst communities, people who had a family member with a mental or physical disability would have them condemned. Most times if a person had mental or physical disabilities they were thought to be consumed by the devil. Many people or children with any form of a disability were taken and left at facilities and often forgotten. They would live there whole life there and many were abused and mistreated. Attitudes have changed over the years and now most people have...
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