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Human development is a response to globalization, recognizing that it has affected the whole human society. In that sense, it is essential to understand globalization as a process integrally bound and transformer. From this fact, the human development paradigm is evolving is an option that links the person in the center, consequently establishing an inseparable relationship with full human rights and opens the space for the construction of citizenship based on ethics as central to development thinking. This raises the ethical responsibilities. Under this context, policy analyzes, read political class, the role of the media from the perspective of an ethic of citizenship. Finally, we present the final remarks aimed at elucidating the road to development ethics. Equity and equality are two principles closely related, but different. Equity introduces an ethical principle of justice or equality. In short, equity forces us to consider the objectives that we get to move toward a more just society. A society where equality of a society is absolutely unfair, since it does not account for differences between individuals and groups. And at the same time, a society where people are not recognized as equal, neither may it be fair.

Today, the growing inequalities in our planet in access of countries and people to use and enjoy the resources, leads to raise equity objectives as substantial development. The behavior of societies and the living standards they reach are increasingly affected by the performance of both large corporations as programs arising from policies carried out by the State. In the task of achieving the common good begins to discuss the traditional view of the social contract, it would be not only the state but also the corporations that would address social problems.

This scenario raises the need for the applicability of ethical standards for those who make decisions that have a high impact on the common good, whether in the context of private and public institutions. The impact of the activities of large corporations in economies where out their activities creates a new demand to socially responsible behavior for both companies, and the government should encourage it

Ethics and Globalization
Globalization "is a buzzword. Almost every step of talk about it. That if the international financial flows, international trade if that if multinationals, that if immigration. Many of the social phenomena that affect us maintain a more or less close relationship with globalization. Often we hear of the globalization as a promise of new opportunities. And often, too, we hear about it in a critical way, and even angry.

Globalization, as we know, has raised much criticism of
many social movements, known under the name of "anti-globalization movement." This name is rejected, by the way, many of the protagonists of these movements, which aim to remedy the negative effects of globalization, but not are against the very idea of ​​globalization. In the words of Susan George, a qualified representative of this movement, in an article published in the journal Dissent (Winter 2001, vol. 48, n.1): "I reject the word globalization means that communication on us. The combat is given, in fact, among those who want a inclusive globalization based on cooperation and security, and those who want to all decisions being taken by the market. "

It is not, therefore, to fight against globalization, but against this form globalization concrete. Thus, some speak of the need for globalization social rights, other than the need for planetary ethical values, other than a theory on planetary justice help balance the growing inequality, the other supranational agencies need to monitor financial market flows Overall, other than promoting participatory democracy. In short, all suggest a globalization conducted from greater global solidarity. This seems to be a struggle must polarize much of the efforts of our time.

1. The necessary utopia
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