Hull House

Topics: Jane Addams, Hull House, Ellen Gates Starr Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Urban experiences in Chicago are explained very well throughout the readings from the Hull House articles. They give real world insight to what the time was like back then. The Hull House was founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr in 1889 and was the most famous Settlement House in the United States.

The first section that I chose to read was the “Beginnings of Settlement Life In Chicago” and the area of The Experiment in Chicago. Making the Hull House available to those who were not fortunate was a great idea to create and also it was a great opportunity for those who were “restrained from “doing good”, from being allowed a “proper outlet for their faculties” to be able to put their knowledge to work. The article I also chose to read was by Alice Miller “Hull-House,” The Charities. I found this article extremely interesting it gave me a lot of insight on to what life what back then in 1892. The Hull-House reminds me of a community center they have nowadays and I think it was a great idea to have these opportunities for people to go to. When reading the first paragraph of this article it was very powerful, my favorite quote was “To help the poor, one must understand them. To understand them, one must live among them. The rich need what the poor can give, as much as the poor need the gifts of the rich” (Miller). This quote in my opinion shows what social welfare is really about. Those who are not as fortunate as others one must understand how they live that way and why, and those who have money can always benefit and learn from those who aren’t as fortunate. I really loved how this article also showed all the positive things the Hull-House had. There were many activities for those to participate in whether it was cooking classes, educational classes, or just art galleries. It was a place to unite the rich and the poor. It was also a place for girls and women to be able to participate in activities instead of just doing housework. To some social welfare is...
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