A Comparison: Hull House in the 1890's and Putting on Style

Topics: Sociology, Working class, Hull House Pages: 4 (1680 words) Published: November 17, 2011
“Hull House in the 1890’s” and “Putting on Style” demonstrate and explain two very different yet very important parts of American female history. While “Hull House in the 1890’s” shows the struggles and efforts made by women in order to break down barriers and gain political power in a male dominant political society, “Putting on Style” portrays the rebellious and socially changing world of female adolescents. Though “Hull House in the 1890’s” and “Putting on style” come from opposing views of reform movement and social evolution respectively, both of the articles depict two incredibly important changes that have helped shape the female role in American society today. Each article had a completely different center of focus. While “Hull House in the 1890’s” theme was how women’s political power in America began to change, what women did with that power, and how the hull house was a large factor in them gaining this barrier breaking power, the theme of “Putting on Style” reflected the change in economic and social aspects of the newly established adolescent age of life. Though both themes were incredibly different, they did share a theme of independence and autonomy. Sklar focuses on the autonomy of strong women fighting for access to politics who are trying to prove to American society that they’re opinions are important and should be heard. Peiss, on the other hand, showed autonomy in a completely different aspect. Rather than already having that independence, Peiss spoke of how young women were fighting for their social independence and autonomy, but instead of fighting the American society, as did Florence Kelley and her followers in “Hull House of the 1890’s”, they were fighting their parents. Another major difference in themes of these two articles is unity and division amongst social classes. In “Hull House of the 1890’s” Sklar speaks of how through the Hull House, women of all sorts of social classes came together to unite and support one another....
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