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Final Project: Brazil
Jerry Rhodes
HTT 200
May 16, 2010
Tom Jensen

Final Project: Brazil
I always have wanted to travel to South America. I am drawn to the culture, the cuisine, and the natural beauty of the region. Brazil is especially appealing to me. I would love to attend Carnival and see the Amazon one-day. The beaches and nightlife of Rio de Janeiro are definitely on my travel wish list. I have taken short trips to Canada and border towns in Mexico, but never actually had an opportunity to travel very far. Brazil is my first choice if I ever have the chance to do some real traveling. Brazil is located in eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil borders Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. That is every South American country with the exception of Chile and Ecuador. The climate is mostly tropical throughout Brazil, but more temperate in the southern parts (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010). Brazil won its independence from the Portuguese in 1822. A monarchial system was maintained in Brazil until 1888. Slavery was also abolished in 1888 in Brazil. The proclamation of republic by the military occurred in 1889. Coffee exporters lead politics in Brazil until 1930. During this time the government became corrupted. It was this time when the populist leader Getulio Vargas rose to power. Brazil was under military and populous rule until 1985, when the military ceded its power to civilian leaders. Brazil still struggles with government corruption, but strides have been made to reform (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010).

In South America, Brazil is the largest and most populous country. Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world, with 198,739, 269 people. The median age is 28.6 years of age. The average age of males in Brazil is 27.8 years and females’ average age is 29.3 years. The national language in Brazil is often mistaken to be Spanish. Actually it is Portuguese because of many years under Portuguese rule (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010).

Brazil is also the economic and regional leader of South America. The large labor pool and vast resources available are the main reasons for this. Coffee is a major crop for the Brazilian economy. Current problems for Brazil are crime and unequal income distribution (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010). As of April 2010 there are no travel alerts or warnings (United States Department of State, 2010). The United States Department of State does warn potential travelers of frequent political demonstrations and labor strikes in urban areas. Foreigners are urged to steer clear of such activities because of threat of violent outbursts. The Columbian border with Brazil is said to be dangerous with terrorist groups and trafficking of illicit goods in the area. Brazil also has a high crime and murder rate, four times higher than the United States Also, the majority of crimes in Brazil go unsolved (United States Department of State, 2010). If I ever get the opportunity to travel to Brazil, the restaurants will be one of the most anticipated aspects for me. One of the restaurants that comes highly recommended is Satyricon. Satyricon is an upscale seafood restaurant located in Rio de Janeiro. The menu specializes in lobster, shrimp, and squid. Another highlight of Satyricon is their wine list. This restaurant is popular with artists, businessmen, and politicians. Valet parking is also available here (Yahoo Travel, 2010). La Louisianne is an example of a specialty restaurant in Brazil. La Louisianne is a New Orleans themed restaurant, specializing in Creole and Cajun food. This is another restaurant that comes with a recommended wine list. The décor is all New Orleans style and features jazz music in the background, to drive home the theme (My Travel Guide, 2010). A casual choice and a familiar sight for American travelers is Outback Steak House. This...
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