Htc Company Analysis

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HTC AT A GLANCE HTC Corporation (originally High Tech Computer Corporation) is a smart phone manufacturer founded in 1997 and based in Taiwan, as an outsourcing company. HTC Corporation prides itself on offering open source mobile phones which are easy for both developers and users, and has quickly established its reputation as a leading company behind many of the markets most popular operated branded-devices. According to the HTC profile on the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia HTC retains approximately 13,000 employees. They follow the typical tall organizational structure with many layers between workers and the CEO. It is highly centralized: top decisions are made by the CEO of the company. HTC Corporation has launched several major HTC- Branded products on the international market with the intention of becoming the leading innovative supplier of mobile information and communication devices. In fact, HTC Corporation was the first on the international market to offer the Android mobile device platform through its HTC Dream hardware, marketed as the T-Mobile G1 model. In support of this, HTC Corporation has expanded its technological and marketplace strength through partnership with major player Microsoft and leading mobile phone operators of Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and NTT DoCoMo (“HTC.Com”). Most recently in Australia, HTC Corporation launched its three latest handsets- HTC Snap, HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 to add to its 11 devices currently in the Australian market. The new technology founded in these highly popular products is designed to be finger-touch friendly, with improved mobile integration technology, and dual microphone and speakers. The HTC Corporation’s newest feature is the “inner circle” which allows the users to bring emails from a preselected group to a top of their inbox, making business on the go even easier (“”). HTC Corporation Product Innovation includes:       Open Handset Alliance Smartphone S Series ( Smartphone) T Series (Touch Phone) P series (PDA Phone) X Series ( Mobile Computer) A Series ( Android Phone) According to the source of, HTC now specializes in providing its own and other operator branded products in addition to its original equipment manufacturer partners. HTC has a subsidiary company, Dopod, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Windows Mobile Smartphones. As a company, HTC Corporation has gone from strength to strength, with HTC receiving recognition as the second-best performing technology company in Asia in 2007 by BusinessWeek, and the number three spot in its Global Listing in 2006.



The size of the corporation can be classified in two ways: (I) by revenue and (II) by market capitalization. According to the report from Taiwan Economic News, HTC’s Market Capitalization has recently climbed to $438 billion. Also the corporation shipment and revenue continues to grow to $9.449 billion.

COMPANY PERSPECTIVE Their mission is to become the leading supplier of the mobile information and communication devices by providing value added designs, world-class manufacturing and logistics and service capabilities. HTC continues to establish a high volume manufacturing facility and its focus on high wireless capability. They intend to develop a software team capable of creating a world class consumer and business application that will enhance the value of their hardware. HTC is dedicated to the belief that each mobile device needs to fit its owner. Their goal is to make a product of observing, honoring how individuals choose to interact with a technology. Their mission is to strengthen the relationship through innovative design strategies and sophisticated branding initiatives (“”) HTC’s vision is to address the communications and administration needs of a...
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