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3. Discussion Question 2
The class will be divided into different clusters for this discussion question. Check the Main forum for your assigned cluster. Each assigned cluster will address one of the main steps used in the process of developing an integrated information management system. ? Due Date: Day 5 [Main] forum

? Post your response to the following: What is the purpose of the assigned step? What are the main points of the step? Define any new vocabulary introduced in this step. ? Respond to at least one other student in your cluster. Then respond to students assigned to the other clusters to learn about the other steps. Consider the following when visiting the other clusters: Why is this step important? How does this step relate to the step your cluster discussed? CHOOSE A STEP BELOW

Step 1: Identifying inputs, throughputs, outputs and outcome elements.

Inputs: A chronological flow of production or products or services in an organization and is used to understand how all the elements of the operation work together. Represents a summary of all raw materials and resources available to the organization at it's point of origin.

Points of Input: Clients/Consumers
Resources: Staff facilities, equipment, material resources such as food, clothing and cash rewards given to clients. Also included is staff demographic, descriptive character.

Throughputs: Converts into finished products through some type of conversion process. Intake and screening end of the helping process. Supportive services and participation, person with problems needs are met in this step.

Points of Throughput: Counseling, Case management, job training, therapy etc....

Outputs: The creation of finished products or completed services, the output focus shifts to measurement of service provision and completion.

Points of Output: Intermediate Outputs refers to the volume of services (units of service provided). Final Outputs: Completion by the client or consumer of all...
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