Hsbc Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report

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HSBC Corporation Social Responsibility Research Report

HSBC is one of the largest global banks with around 6900 offices in over 80 countries. HSBC Canada has its head office in Vancouver and executive office in Toronto. HSBC has a wide range of business products including commercial banking which provides both domestic and cross border financing, retail banking and wealth management for personal banking services, and global banking and markets which provides solutions for both corporation, government and individual with foreign investments and exchange. (HSBC Canada, 2013)

Interest in CSR studies in HSBC
HSBC is a global bank which has its headquarter in London, UK. A global corporation like HSBC faces different cultures in different countries or areas while doing business. This always creates some of CSR issues in many corporations. However, HSBC is successfully doing business around the world by adapting the local cultures and combining its own business model, which is worthwhile for many international businesses to study from. By doing research on HSBC Canada website and interviewing with Allison Zhou, ORA specialist in HSBC, I am able to receive information about HSBC’s corporation social responsibility in their bigger strategies and scope with details on their daily works. (See Appendix A)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in HSBC
HSBC values not only their customers, but also their employees, communities, and regulators in their daily business (HSBC Canada, 2013). Thus, the CSR in HSBC can be divided into education, environment and sustainability, community, employees and customers according to the 2011 public accountability statement of HSBC.

HSBC supports education in Canada by providing scholarships and educational programs for students in different institutions to pursuit their study in different areas. There is HSBC Bank Canada Environmental Studies Award...
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