Hsb Gym Business Plan

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Executive Summary
Over the last few years this country has been focus on obesity and personal health for everyone. HSB (Hot Sexy Body) Fitness Center is looking to help individual who heard the call for a sexier and healthier body. HSB will open it door in the Downtown section of Brooklyn in New York. This section of Brooklyn has grown the third largest central business district behind New York City. In the coming years the area will continue to grow as many large companies move into many of the office buildings been created; this will then increase the population of the job force in the area. Therefore, HSB has target the area in conjunction with the increase of population.

HSB is proposing a gym that is easily accessible and affordable for the area. Based on the current demographics and the increase in population the area is highly underserved by fitness centers.

According to 2009 pro-forma, its anticipate that the company would make a net profit of $91,000 in the first year.

Mission Statement
HSB Fitness Center’s mission is to inspire and educate our members to achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. HSB Fitness Center staff believes that al personal goals are achievable; that nothing is unreachable. Our mindset is “Yes You Can. Company Description/Overview

HSB (Hot Sexy Body) Fitness Center will be a part of the fitness industry as a LLC (Limited Liability Company). HSB will be focusing on opening its doors in large office buildings in the five boroughs. In doing this it will turn to the corporations in such buildings to help them provide Corporate Health and Wellness programs for their employees. Product/Service

HSB will introduce its member to a healthier lifestyle via the exercise/fitness route. HSB Fitness will provide all its members with a full-service gym including certified personal trainers, nutritionists, a juice bar, a child care/playroom area and group exercise classes (ex. Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing etc). Childcare/ Playroom:

Child care area will be provided for children ages 5-12 years old so that parents can do their workouts. Nutritionist:
Certified nutritionists who will educate each individual person on the proper food required to live a healthier life. Corporate Health & Wellness:
HSB will provide companies within the building or in the vicinity with special discounts for their employees.

Management and Key Personnel
Management Team:
HSB management team is composed by individuals who have years of experience in the following category such as business development, management, financed and the health/fitness area.

Position| Name| Background|
CEO| Victor Padilla| MBA (Real Estate/Marketing), 15 years experience in real estate/ banking industry | CFO| Rolando Mayorga| MBA (Accounting/Finance), 20 years experience in fiancé management. | VP Operations /Human Resources| Marllyn Padilla| MBA (Management/Human Resources), 15 years experience in human resource management|

HSB will selected its employees basis not only on their skills and experience, but also in their goal in their careers plus how well they fit the team that are been put together. The management team for HSB will require key personal to help them with the day to day operations at individual centers. So in the commencement of each center employees will be hired and required to do multiple task while center are full running. Keeping the information in mind please view the organization below as HSB goal for each center.

Key Personnel:
Each Gym center will have key individuals who will be required to oversee the center’s day to day operating. In addition to such key personnel, they will be employees who will be reporting to them in order to keep the centers moving, you may see such people in the organization charts. Club Manager:

Responsible for overseeing clubs day to day operations, financial goals for the center,...
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