Hrm Problems in Bangladesh

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Supplementary Chapter
HRM problems in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the least development countries (LDC) in the world. It’s Human Resource development index, as published by UN, is one of the poorest, literacy rate is poor. Extremely high level of corruption and politicization of society has made HR event tougher. These problems create several challenges for Human Resource Management in Bangladesh.

Some of those are:
01. Very high population growth, unemployment, deteriorating ethical issues etc. are major external challenges for HRM in Bangladesh. 02. Since majority of organization of Bangladesh are small and medium sized, their economic and financial strength is poor. They cannot maintain enough manpower and proper manpower in their organizations. 03. Societal Objective of HRM and obligations are often ignored. 04. Low level of skill of manpower is responsible for lack of professionalism in HRD as well as operating/functional department. 05. Political, social & other powers force the companies to violate the HR ethics. 06. Govt. lows (e.g. minimum wage rates, child labor prohibition etc.) are ignored completely. 07. Companies do not apply systematic theories of HRM. They are not aware of these also. 08. No job performance standard exists in majority of the companies. 09. Majority of the organizations do not have application of information system in HRM. 10. Job designs are improper. Thus create professional conflict. 11. Companies lack long term strategic vision, and thus, HR planning concept is absent. 12. Recruitment and selection process are highly corrupt and occasionally politicized. 13. Incentive schemes are, timely payments of salaries in SMEs are absent. Additionally misbehavior is common. These work as demotivating factor for workers leading to low productivity. 14. Promised salaries are often not given to employees.

15. Idea of providing continuous training is absent. Management things that employees will...
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