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Performance Appraisal in Tata Motors
Performance Appraisal in Tata Motors
Surabhi Agarwal Abhishek Gangwar Fatima Abbas Aarti Chaudhary Eram Khan IIPM
Surabhi Agarwal Abhishek Gangwar Fatima Abbas Aarti Chaudhary Eram Khan IIPM


1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3 -------------------------------------------------

2. Executive Summery 4 -------------------------------------------------

3. About the Company 6 -------------------------------------------------

4. Performance Appraisal 12 -------------------------------------------------

5. Performance appraisal in Tata motors 24 -------------------------------------------------
6. Research 30 -------------------------------------------------

7. Annexure 45 -------------------------------------------------

8. Bibliography 48 -------------------------------------------------


Words are only representations of our regards and gratitude that we have towards our actions and their inherent associations. As a matter of fact, without co-operation, no thought could be coined into real action. Consistent motivation and invaluable support throughout any project is an issue that cannot quantitatively measured. These acknowledgements are only a fraction of regards towards their gestures. Our sincere thanks to Prof. Shilpi Saxena .We express our deep sense of gratitude to ma`am who has been a source of inspiration throughout the course of this work with her inestimable advice and moral encouragement. Our Group members who have given an immense support throughout the course of the Project and rest who all are attached to this Project directly or Indirectly. We would like to thank HR head of Tata Motors Mrs. Monica Ahuja who helped me in completion of my project. Lastly we would like to thank our Dean ma’am Monica Lal for her continuous encouragement and guidance throughout our project.

Executive Summary

Managing human resources in today’s dynamic environment is becoming more and more complex as well as important. Recognition of people as a valuable resource in the organization has led to increases trends in employee maintenance, job security, etc. My research project deals with “Performance Appraisal as carried out at Tata motors ”. In this report, I have studied &evaluated the performance appraisal process as it is carried out in the company. The first section of my report deals with a detailed company profile. It includes the company’s history: its activities and operations, organizational structure, etc. this section attempts to give detailed information about the company and the nature of it’s...
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