Hrm Chapter 1 Notes

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• Hrm – involves the productive use of people in achieving the organisation’s strategic objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs. • Objectives – Measurable targets to be achieved within a certain time frame. • Maximise human capital – focus on selecting, developing and rewarding top talent, encouraging open communication, team work and collaboration; and refusing to tolerate poor performance. • Job design, employee participation, open communication, eeo, anti harassment practises are associated with higher work life satisfaction. • HR management policies + practices generate profitability gains, share price increases, higher company survival rates, increased sales, higher export growth and lower labour turnover • Hr managers will never be accepted as strategic business partners until they fully understand the orgs business and align high-performance hr strategies, policies and practices • Management – marketing, management info systems, research and development + accounting + finance. • Hrm – improve the productive contribution of people and the management of an orgs human resources • HRM activities – job analysis, HR planning, recruitment, • Hr specialist – directly handle all negotiations with unions • Instrumental HRM – stresses the rational, quantitive and strategic aspects of managing human resources. Performance improvement and improved competitive advantage are highlighted • Humanistic HRM – recognises the need for the integration of HR policies and practices with the organisation strategic objectives, places emphasis on employee development, collaboration, participation, trust and informed choice.

Strategic partner – hr managers being an essential part of the management tram running an organisation and contributing to the achievement of the organisation’s objectives by translating business strategy into action. • Hr manager must ask appropriate questions and contribute to business decisions • Develop business acumen, a customer orientation and an awareness of the competition to be able to link business strategy to HR polices and practises.

Administrative expert – refers to the efficiency of the HR managers and the effective management of HR activities so that they can relate value • Re-engineer HR activites though the use of tech, rethinking and redesigning work processes and the continuous improvement of all organisational processes. Employee champion-

• Meet needs of employees
• Employees voice in management discussions
• Find new resources to ensure employees are able to perform their jobs – set priorities, eliminate non-value added work, clarify goals, simply complex processes,

Change agent – acts as a catalyst for change
• Developing problem- solving communication and influence skills

HRM activities
• Job analysis – represent a basic starting point for HR planning and other HR activites such as recruitment, selection and training and development • Human resource planning – process which an org attempts to ensure that it has the right number of qualified people in the right jobs at the right time.

Recruitment – process of seeking and attracting a pool of applicant from which qualified candidate for job vacancies within an org can be selected

Selection – choosing from the available candidates the individual predicted to be most likely to perform successfully in a job (reviewing app form, psycho testing, employment interviewing,)

Performance appraisal: determining how well employees are doing their jobs, communicating that info to the employees and establishing a plan for performance improvement.

Human resource development activities focus on the acquisition of the attitudes, skills and knowledge required for employees to learn how to perform their jobs, improve their performance, prepare themselves for more senior positions and achieve their career...
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