HP Service Anywhere: A New IT Development

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Service system, Service design Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: March 27, 2013
HP Service Anywhere
On Monday, Oct 25, Hewlett Packard released a new cloud based service desk solution which is entitled “HP Service Anywhere”. It has a new approach to service desk management including social media collaboration tools. ‍"We are bringing a new product to market, a SaaS product that is very modern, very easy to use," said Manoj Raisinghani, Director, Cloud Automation Software and SaaS, HP Software. "We already have an on-premise service management product -- Service Manager -- which is one of top leaders in the space. If you bought an on-premise license, we could offer it as a managed SaaS service, so we did have a managed service offering. But this one is a completely new architected environment."1 This software supports ITIL processes such as Incident Management, Problem Management, and Chan‍ge Management. Worthwhile to mention that the software is designed for codeless configuration which is an endeavor for simplicity. Pricing is based on two main variable: named (a dedicated service desk user) and floating (license is shared among users). Price starts at $ 89 Per named user per month and $ 178 per floating user per month.

In my point of view, flexibility, Simplicity, rapid setting up and low cost are main eye-catching characteristics (or claims) of “HP Service Anywhere. Companies in nowadays challenging and fast business environment need tools which are simple, productive as well as cost-effective. This software is easy to set up and quick to set up. Set up process takes around weeks instead of months. It is simple to maintain and automatically upgraded 3-4 times each year. The required capital investment is low so it is a good option for small or midsize enterprises. Through this software, they can enjoy technology development as large companies. It simplifies IT se‍rvice management and decrease time-consuming staff training which sometimes imposes huge cost to company. This software built on industry best practices....
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