Howard Brody ~ the Social Power of Expert Healers-Susan Douglas ~ Narcissism as Liberation-Greg Tate ~ I’m White! What’s Wrong with Michael Jackson?

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  • Published : August 3, 2008
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Essay on the subject of power and way of thinking with refrences to the essays titled ; Howard Brody ~ The Social Power of Expert Healers
Susan Douglas ~ Narcissism as Liberation
Greg Tate ~ I’m White! What’s wrong with Michael Jackson? and other*

I want to focus on a way of thinking that I think needs constant revision. This way of thinking relies on unwavering belief in its own truth, to the exclusion of other ideas. For example, it is the way of thinking existing in all religions. All religions divide people into believers and non-believers. A religion assumes itself to be the truth and all others are false, this way of thinking is polarized, when it should be pluralistic since in reality everything is pluralistic, and polarized thinking eliminates plurality. When polarizing ways of thinking, it is always into two parts: Right and wrong, truths and lies or even honor and shame. Polarizing serves the purpose of power. So, issues are always run down to two opposing poles. Polarized way of thinking is a form of power. There are many shades of power. Some are constructive powers and others are destructive. Destructive power can lead humanity towards oversimplification, racism, sexism, stereotype and bigotry. This type of thinking, this ‘power’ will ultimately lead to violence. Howard Brody says: “Power is almost impossible to share when one does not know that one has it, and does not know what one is doing with it”. Incomplete I say; Power cannot be fully shared except for the good of all. That is what sharing is all about. Financial power is an example. Being rich is power. Since that power is supposed to be shared, the rich must give to the poor. All forms or power are shareable but only when it’s for the good of all. And since that a way of thinking is a form of power, it is also shareable. In the movie “A Beautiful Mind” Russell Crowe’s character, John Nash, disagrees with Adam Smith’s Theory. That in rugged individualism, competition...
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